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Pretty simple—following publication of my debut novel "Welcome to Kamini" (Guernica World Editions, 2021), the big news is April 15, 2023 debut of my next novel, "Dr. Wong—A Cole Ember Spy Thriller."


I'm excited about a lot of things surrounding it: It's laugh-out-loud funny, mixes in some horror and science fiction elements, has a killer cover, and my agent and publisher wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. They said, "no way." I said, "So it's that good, eh?" You see, it makes fun of EVERYTHING. I finally decided to publish it on Amazon, even though I am a traditionally published author. It's a test of sorts. I've started to create something of a fan base, and in self-publishing, the author gets a much higher percentage of book sales. So we'll see. I've heard that Trigger Warnings are all the rage, so here you go: 


TRIGGER WARNING: Violence, Sex, Murder, Smoking, Sentences Longer Than Fifteen Words, Political Incorrectness, Harmless Jokes About Both American Political Parties, Jokes About America in General, Plenty of Jokes About Canada, Use of Guns, Use of Claws, Use of Semicolons.


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NEWS FLASH - March 12, 2023

The first three chapters of "Dr. Wong—A Cole Ember Spy Thriller" are available as a FREE download to people visiting the author website and signing up for Don's semi-monthly newsletter.

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NEWS FLASH - February 19, 2023
That bastard RIP BUTLEY, my alter ego, has completely taken over. Though Rip has chosen to publish as "Don Engebretson," he has begun insisting it's merely a pen name.  I have no idea what in hell is going on. I just saw that Rip charged $300 for new headshots on my Visa. This, apparently, is his favorite: 

Author photo
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NEWS FLASH - October 1, 2022

Thank you readers! One year after publication, "Welcome to Kamini" has hit 100 reader reviews worldwide (US, Canada, UK) and achieved a 4.8 (out of 5) Star rating on Amazon, and 4.6 Stars on Goodreads!

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