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Novel cover, Welcome to Kamini
Welcome to Kamini - Full Synopsis
Guernica World Editions - ISBN 781771836609 

Poor Russell Dean, golden boy of American advertising. His meticulously crafted career has brought him awards, wealth, fame, an idyllic lifestyle
and a beautiful wife. But now his wife is divorcing him, he's surrounded by fools, and Russell is starting to lose his mind.

A photo of a stone and timber wilderness castle draws Russell to the tiny resort town of Kamini, Ontario. Golf course, spa, fine dining and a private cottage offering a grand view of the unbridled Ontario wilderness should be all it takes to help recharge his batteries, and skate through a rare rough patch.
Not so fast: Mysterious natural forces far beyond his comprehension have decidedly different plants. As do the eclectic collection of characters he meets — including three powerful women and Gribber, a mirthful Ojibwe fishing guide. Russell embarks on a calamitous journey of self-discovery, but can he dodge the landmines left behind by his self-centered, conceited former self?
 "Welcome to Kamini" is a story of metamorphosis, of a man dumped at the crossroads between his perceived material reality and the eternal truths of spirit. It is about shedding prejudice, donning humility, honoring love, and discovery of what grants true worth to one's slender moments on earth.

Welcome to the Canadian wilderness, Mr. Dean. Welcome to Kamini: Danger, Skullduggery, Suspense, Mysticism, Love and Live Bait.

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