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   Meet the most dashing, daring, and dense secret     agent in the history of spy thriller novels! The new novel (first in a series) by award-winning author Don Engebretson debuts 04-15-23.

               Synopsis and early reviews below.

Cole Ember is a ghost operative for CASPER, a black ops force so black it’s rumored only in CIA restroom stalls. Unbeatable in a fistfight, deadly with a gun, and dense as a paving stone, Ember’s laughable IQ test score was grossly inflated by a bitter, underpaid CIA examiner as a “screw you” to his employer before retiring.


Crossing paths with famed genetic scientist Dr. Wing Duk Wong, Ember slowly—very slowly—discovers that Wong has created a ruthless army of genetically modified humans to aid in his heinous plot to acquire vast wealth via the boldest, and most peculiar, terrorism attack in history.  


Also on Wong’s tail is Canadian Intelligence Officer Olivia Laidlaw. She’s skilled, clever, beautiful, and deadly, albeit armed only with a combat knife and bear spray, per restrictions imposed by the Canadian government. Can this hapless pair find and defeat Wong before the world’s financial centers collapse, and thousands of innocent people die? Are you kidding?

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“Somewhere between Jack Reacher and Maxwell Smart lies Special Agent Cole Ember. Somewhere between Dr. Strangelove and Dr. Moreau lies the nefarious Dr. Wong. And somewhere between Kurt Vonnegut and Terry Southern lies Don Engebretson's sci-fi spy spoof, threatening to spawn a new genre of irreverent, mad-cap humor laced with horror and high-stakes, world-teetering action.”


      —James Whelpley, author of Dancing in the Trap and Tenerife 


“Don’s first stab at the spy thriller genre is a kill shot to the funny bone, a side-splitting, search-and-destroy mission that forever obliterates every spy novel trope. Impatiently waiting for the next Cole Ember adventure.”

     —Stephen Mills, author of The Devil’s Cohort

“Hilarious, uproarious, whimsical, farcical, witty...”

     —Roget’s Thesaurus

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